The average amount of time men spend in the bathroom every day is about 20 minutes, but it is getting better. They brush their teeth, have a shave, have a shower, wash their hair and they prefer to have one skin product that does all the jobs. They like simple routines and products that are quick and easy to apply.

Gentlemen, it’s time you make some changes to your skincare routine and give yourself an extra minute or two, you’re never too old to start. A lot of men think skin care is only necessary when they have a specific skin problem but generally, a daily skin care routine will prevent these problems in the first place. The body needs daily preventative measures to keep it healthy and using the right skin products is no different than weight lifting, cardio and a good diet to keep your body in shape. A daily skin care routine will benefit you by keeping a firm, clear, and bright skin, and a man with an energised and dynamic face always gets noticed.

Men prefer lightweight, fresh-smelling or even odourless products that are easily absorbed into the skin, but they have to find out what their skin type is. As a matter of fact, most men don’t even realise there are skin types, so the first step is to find out what skin type you have and that’s very easy and only takes a minute or two – do the Skin Type Test.

Most RINGANA products are unisex but a couple are especially developed for men: Moisturiser for Men which energises and firms the skin and CAPS mascu, a food supplement especially developed for men of every age. An there are two products doing different jobs: the foot balm also works very well as an after-shave and the soap is so mild that you can also wash your hair with it!

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