So……catch up on handwritten letters.

Get the home addresses of everyone you know. Whether they live here, in Kenya or in New Zealand, write a letter or a postcard and surprise them. If you have them, get kids involved and decorate blank postcards – even nicer for the person who receives your mail.

Writing a letter is a memorable way to touch the people you love, strengthens a friendship and it’s a clever way to grow loyalty with clients and business partners.

I remember, after my father had a stroke, he had short-term memory loss. I was 18 and thought that I’d never actually told my dad that I loved him, so I wrote him a letter. He kept this letter with him until he died, many years later, and very often during his walks, with or without my mum, he took the letter and read it.

Stay safe, get some envelopes and start writing your loved ones, Pimm + Marcel.

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