Sustainable Materials

Being eco-friendly has become a common buzz-word and indicates somebody who is conscious and who makes changes to try to leave a green footprint. Over the last years, packaging, or better eco-friendly packaging, became more and more important.

Eco-friendly packaging, or environmentally-friendly packaging, is made of recycled or renewable materials which are safe and sustainable for both individuals and the environment and is what environmentally-conscious companies should use to help cutting carbon emissions and generating a lot less waste to keep our planet healthy. 

Sustainable packaging:

  • Produces little to no environmental waste,
  • Is made from reusable or biodegradable materials,
  • Is safe for people and the environment.


Eco-friendly packaging has a very positive impact on the overall environment:

  • It is easy to dispose of, for instance if you have a compost facility,
  • It’s highly-biodegradable and reduces your carbon footprint and environmental impact,
  • Most of the raw material is organic and natural so lot less energy is used for the production,
  • It’s much healthier for both people and the environment,
  • Using petrochemical resources, the main part of all traditional plastics, requires a lot of energy and are linked with health problems when used with food and in cosmetics and using eco-friendly packaging allows you to reduce the amount of plastic that you use. 


Eco packaging can be REduced, REused and REcycled!

Finding more sustainable alternatives is a big challenge, especially without using mineral oil, which is made from highly refined, purified and processed petroleum.

Our partner company took up this challenge and now uses organic plastics wherever possible. Their cosmetics packaging is made from Green-PE and consists of 100% renewable raw materials, which has the same properties as conventional packaging made of polyethylene, but protects the climate and environment because no crude oil or natural gas is used in its production process.

They are not biodegradable, but can be 100% recycled, i.e. reprocessed into polyethylene packaging, or incinerated in a climate-neutral way and converted into clean energy from renewable sources. Disposal via the plastic bin and NOT via the organic waste bin, please.

More and more people are environmentally-conscious, and this is a good sign. About 78% of customers between the ages of 18-72 felt more positive about a product whose packaging was made up of recycled items. And, as we mentioned before, supporting conscious companies should be the new normality and we have to hold all companies accountable for the impact they leave on our planet.

Because of all the fake news, people’s distrust of companies is higher than it’s ever been. Internal and external transparency is important to both consumers and employees. This open ‘exposure’ of information shows that a company has nothing to hide, and helps consumers make better decisions. A company that reveals all information related to e.g. its ingredients, supply chain and their packaging, will likely be chosen over a competitor that keeps its information secret.

Use the power we have as consumers, in the end it will make a difference and it’s part of our Social Responsibility towards our children’s future.

What is the most sustainable packaging?

The most sustainable packaging is no packaging at all, but in many cases this is not an option and we no longer accept an overkill of packaging material.

A company can do their utmost to make their packaging sustainable, but for us, the customers, it’s too often not clear at all. But if a company wants you to know they use biodegradable packaging, it will definitely be explained on the label, so look out for ‘biodegradable’, ‘compostable’ etc. logos or eco-markers.

Reducing or entirely cutting out meat and dairy, probably has a bigger impact than whether you reuse the packaging or not, the carbon impact of meat production is pretty devastating.

Read more about the biodegradable corn peanuts our partner uses as green filling material.

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