…..not the one in Westminster but the one you use for working from home during the lockdown.

Technology has made business portable. Get your phone, laptop or tablet and a WiFi connection, and there it is, your own office……no more commuting, so less stress and you’re saving a lot of time!

Try to create a small area at home that’s a dedicated space just for work. This will not only help you to stay in the right frame of mind, but will also create a clear boundary, a personal property line, between your work and home-life, this is essential to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Remote working is becoming a revolution in terms of how we work and the days, of catching a plane for just the one meeting, are over, face-to-face meetings are extinct, these jobs can be done from home.

With our green independent business, we have been working from home for the last 3 years and we took our home office with us when we moved from Amsterdam to Weybridge……So easy!

If you would like to know more about us and our green independent business, we invite you to our next online info event.

Stay safe and stay connected from your home office, Pimm + Marcel.