Hi everybody!

As we’re all in a self-isolation status, we might have the time to reflect. We want to start with a series of video-posts, which might help you to be more conscious about brands and products.

What do you actually know about your favourite brands or products?

The choices we make are mainly based on ethical, fair trade, organic and sustainable standards.

What’s the best way to look behind the scenes?

Because the wording on labels or packaging is complex and sometimes even misleading.

What to look out for, if you come across a product you reallyreally want to buy? And, when we talk about ethical standards, what does it actually mean? It’s not only all about morally right and wrong, but is goes further than that, it refers to the treatment of people, animals and our environment.

E.g. – fair pay for the farmers, respect and living wage for the employees, positive or neutral impact on the environment and a cruelty-free supply chain … just to mention some examples. Some companies use the term ‘ethical’ to refer to cruelty-free products, but unfortunately, terms like ‘ethical leather’ isn’t always ethical for the people who produce them and often these products are not even biodegradable.

How can you find out, how ethical a brand is?

First of all, if a company has nothing to hide, they will be completely transparent. The easiest way is to check out their website. You should be able to find all important topics in their ‘code of conduct’. If this doesn’t answer your questions, simply send them an email and just ask, you will immediately find out or even feel, if they’re morally correct.

How ethical is your favourite brand or product? Do you really know?

Please share your thoughts, ideas or questions with us, by simply adding a note underneath or sending us a PM.

We would love to hear from you. Sharing your experiences will help us all.

Next time we want to highlight ‘cruelty-free’, so, stay tuned and until next time.

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Take care and stay safe,
Pimm + Marcel.