Social responsibility is an ethical approach being responsible for fulfilling one’s civic duty, benefitting the whole of society and balanced between economic growth and the welfare of society and the environment. Not only individuals but also companies have the duty to act in the best interests of the environment and society to take corporate social responsibility.

Companies have a meaningful, or risky, talent influencing our society through their actions and being role models. Some examples are, having a global policy for diversity/anti-discrimination, reducing carbon footprints, participating in equal pay policies and fair trade and environmentally or socially conscious investments. 

Other initiatives are

Emphasising on ethical sourcing and supply chains and working with businesses that engage in fair labour practices. It means managing logistics from the origins of a product to its arrival in the company’s laboratory.

Supporting regional social projects and supporting communities in developing countries, by working directly with farmers to improve farming practices, and in the end, the quality of a crop.

Going organic because of the increased demand in organic products and goods made from organic materials. Organic production is environmentally friendly, and kinder to the farm workers who come in contact with crops. In addition, consumers who are concerned about their health and exposure to toxins often look for natural and organic labels on the products they buy.

Being involved in recycling efforts and take steps to use recycled packaging, this has an environmental impact and consumers are increasingly aware of this impact.

Openly advertising the commitment to offering only cruelty-free products and ingredients. Many people opt to avoid the use of cosmetics and personal care products that have been tested on animals, or that use ingredients derived from animals.

Flexible working hours, a high proportion of female employees and free vegetarian food.

Our personal opinion

Supporting conscious companies should be the norm and a new normality, a reason why we work with our partner-company. We therefore need new standards, systems and business models we can trust and that automatically choose for the most sustainable and ethical way doing business.

It’s time that we recapture our identity as consumers and hold all companies accountable for the impact they leave on our planet. It’s also time to solve these problems with improved policies, increased transparency and awareness about their impact.

We all need to actively take corporate social responsibility and we are fully convinced that we, as consumers, have much more power than we think we have. Every conscious choice and decision counts and will make a difference.

Read more about the social responsibility projects our partner company supports.

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