…….a feeling of enthusiasm you get from someone or something, which gives you new and creative ideas.

Inspiration is essential to maintain the will and the persistence to keep going.

Without inspiration, you lack both the encouragement to desire and the energy to act, it’s more like a spiritual kick we need, to keep going.

Inspiration can be found anywhere:

  • While walking or running in a park or on the beach,
  • Looking at a painting,
  • Reading an article in a newspaper,
  • or even from a brief smile of a stranger.


We were both very much inspired by the online webinar we followed earlier and working with a company with a philosophy, which is close to our heart: 100% ethical, transparent and sustainable.

Regardless where it comes from, it’s important to let it come and it’s so stimulating.

Stay safe, keep inspired and inspire others, Pimm + Marcel.