Apparently, since the beginning of our lockdown, lots of people, like us, are sleeping much better and many are experiencing vivid dreams at the moment.

One explanation having vivid dreams is, that we don’t live our normal lives at the moment, that we’re quite shocked of the monotony of daytime lockdown and our waking lives have become more dull.

Also, many of us are going to bed earlier than normal – and waking up later due to the lack of commute.

The better air quality we all have at the moment, does wonders for our sleep too, the better the air quality, the better we sleep.

We have an amazing capacity to become accustomed to any situation, so this vivid dreaming will start to wane after a while as we get used to this situation.

Are you sleeping better and do you have more of these vivid dreams during our lockdown?

Stay safe and for tonight sweet dreams, Pimm + Marcel.

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