Animals react very sensitively to ‘unnatural’ substances or odours. For this reason, RINGANA’s uncompromising natural and fresh skin care products are particularly suitable for your dog.

Like people, dogs also suffer from an increased joint wear-and-tear and articular cartilage, the white tissue that covers the ends of bones where they come together to form joints. This is usually caused by hereditary predisposition (over-breeding), anatomical positional abnormalities, overweight or a wrong diet.

RINGANA CAPS move are suitable for dogs. The active ingredients, frankincense and MSM, the ‘miracle’ supplement Methylsulfonylmethane, offer excellent protection and promote the regeneration of the joints.

The dog’s skin is his/her largest organ and anything you use on the skin and coat can be absorbed into the body. We’re sure you want to avoid bathing your dog with anything that might be toxic. Does your dog sometimes come home so dirty that you do not want him/her to come in your home? Then a cleaning is often unavoidable. Whether you just want to shower or put your dog in a bathtub, RINGANA Shampoo is ideal for the clean, odourless and very gentle cleaning of your four-legged friend. Animals, generally, have extremely sensitive noses and react very sensitively to perfumed or fragranced soaps and shampoos. The shampoo also prevents excessive drying of the skin and thus possibly eczema.

The rich, water-resistant RINGANA hand balm protects sensitive dog paws during the winter months against snow and grit but is also suitable as year-round care against cracked paws. You can also be sure that no harmful substances like fragrance, artificial preservatives or dyes are absorbed while the dog licks his/her paws. Like all RINGANA products, the Hand & Nail Balm is made without anything synthetic and nourishes the paws with over 25 valuable active ingredients from nature.

Antioxidants play an important role in helping a healthy dog’s immune system. Scientific studies showed that every single antioxidant has a unique effect on the immune system. Therefore, a high content of a single antioxidant is not as effective as a whole group of antioxidants that work together. This is of great importance for puppies who are vaccinated while their immune system is still developing. Antioxidants can also counteract the weakening immune function of older dogs.

The RINGANA PACK antiox is the anti-ageing food supplement with the most powerful antioxidants known and provides the dog with vital nutrients and lecithin, just mix half a sachet with the food. Controlling the dog’s immune system can also be achieved with the RINGANA CAPS immu, the concentrated, balanced dietary supplement to support the dog’s body defences.

RINGANA meets the most stringent criteria and does not use any colourings, fragrance or artificial preservatives. It goes without saying that all RINGANA products are vegan and completely free of animal testing.

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