Pasta … of our great food weaknesses.

It is made from the flour of durum wheat, and takes its name from the pasty texture of the dough when it is first mixed. There is dried pasta, which you can buy at every corner shop, and there is fresh pasta, which you can quite easily make yourself with eggs and flour. It’s fun to do and if you have children, it’s a great family thing.

The history of pasta is difficult to trace but already in the 1st century AD, Roman poet Horace, wrote about ‘lagana’, being fine sheets of fried dough, which was an everyday food dish. Food historians estimate that the dish probably took hold in Italy as a result of extensive Mediterranean trading in the Middle Ages.

In Italy, pasta is the ‘Primo’, the first course, served as an appetiser, not as the main event.

Marcel: My favourite pasta is Penne all’arrabiata, pasta with a spicy tomato sauce.

It’s Pimm’s birthday soon, and his favourite pasta: Spaghetti, garlic, parsley, capers and olive oil!

Stay safe and don’t forget….it’s always pasta to the sauce! 😉

Make your own pasta and enjoy, Pimm + Marcel.