PACK antiox boosts your body’s defences and maintains performance. It’s an all-round antioxidant protection for the body which strengthens the natural self-defence system. The antioxidants capture the cell-damaging free radicals which would otherwise weaken the immune system. The Buckwheat sprout powder increases the bioavailability of selected trace elements. Bioavailability is a measure of how well a nutrient can be absorbed by the body and used for the metabolism. This is important so that metabolic processes can run harmoniously and organs can work smoothly. Ideal for mobilising your body’s own defences and increasing resistance. PACK antiox can be taken any time and tastes good with diluted fruit juice drinks or as a smoothie.

Suitable for diabetics. Not intended for children. Vegan.

Main active ingredients:
Açai | Goji Berries | Melon Extract | Apple Extract | Black Elderberry Extract | Curcuma Extract

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