Many of us are spending a lot more time at home these days due to the Lockdown. We have more time to cook, so we’ll give you some tips to REduce, REuse, REcycle.

REduce food waste:

Don’t buy food for the whole week.

Check what you already have in the cupboards and fridge, so you’re using up what you already have, you’ll be surprised what you find!

Buy loose fruit and veg when you can and do your shopping after breakfast or after lunch  😉

And….REduce alcohol consumption during lockdown. Alcohol acts as a depressant and when drunk in excess it can impact your mental health.

Also, accidents caused by drunk people will lead to an unnecessary burden on the already busy hospitals.

REuse food scraps:

Don’t throw out skins and offcuts from berries, apples or cucumber, but use them to flavour water or blend in a smoothie….very often, in the skin are more nutrients than in the fruit.

Make your own stock using vegetable scraps. Keep a re-sealable bag in the freezer with offcuts of carrots, leeks, celery, onions, mushrooms and any wilted green veg, and when it’s full, boil it.

REcycling food:

If food is recycled, food waste can be turned into a plant fertiliser and even in a source of renewable energy.

And if food waste is disposed along with garden waste, it’ll be collected and taken to the digestion plant, but instead of being turned into energy, it is recycled into compost, the so-called ‘in-vessel composting’. 

Stay safe and REduce, REuse, REcycle!

Pimm + Marcel