RINGANA is pretty unique with their 100% philosophy:

  • 100% Fresh & Certified Natural
  • 100% Active ingredients
  • 100% Consistent & Transparent
  • 100% Ethical & Cruelty Free

Let’s go in more detail:

100% Freshness & Certified Natural

All RINGANA skin care products and supplements are freshly produced and made to order. Most of the products are produced eight times a month, others twice a month. This means that the products you’ve ordered have never been made earlier than 14 days before you placed your order. Only this way it can be assured that all ingredients remain active and can be naturally absorbed by our body. For that reason, all products also have an expiration date because it is proof of absolute freshness.

100% Active ingredients

All RINGANA skin care products are filled with active natural ingredients only. Each ingredient has a supporting effect in our body and is a synergy of only active substances. When you check the label of any RINGANA product, you will see that each ingredient is high quality and that they reinforce each other. A conventional product, including the so-called ‘natural’ cosmetics, has a percentage of active ingredients between 2-4%. This means that the rest of the product is filled in by fragrance (perfume), preservatives, fillers, foaming agents, stabilising agents, flavouring agents etc.

100% Consistent

RINGANA does not make any concessions and goes for the 100% philosophy. This means for instance that a product may be temporarily unavailable if an ingredient is not grown according to the conditions or when all of a sudden more people ordered a product than thought. Conventional products are for sale the whole year through and we don’t think you wonder why! Consistency is the power of RINGANA! Also in the packaging.

RINGANA is greener than green. In order to avoid breakages, the glass cosmetic bottles are wrapped in organic cotton towels instead of the conventional outer carton. They are also part of a recycling campaign: customers who return ten glass bottles receive one product free of charge. Our bioplastic bottles are made from sugarcane. The package fill material is made of biodegradable corn starch. We deliberately avoid elaborate printing on our shipping cartons, shipping boxes are printed with vegetable ink and the adhesive on the packing tape is made from natural rubber as well. The RINGANA PACKS sachets are aluminium free and they are currently working on a compostable sachet. Old advertising banners are turned into cosmetics bags and Christmas gifts. Finally, the cleaning of the production space is done with organic lavender alcohol so that no chemical substance can end up in the products.

100% Transparent

RINGANA is 100% transparent, from sourcing to labelling, so you know exactly what you’re putting on your body. We all like transparency, you can’t really be friends with someone unless there’s some level of transparency, so it makes sense that we like companies who are transparent too. RINGANA is the first cosmetic brand to disclose what proportions of the active substances are contained in each product, starting with the ADDS series. This transparency is unique. RINGANA has thus started writing an entirely new chapter in the history of cosmetics.

100% Ethical & Cruelty Free

What exactly is ‘ethical’? The word comes from ‘ethics’ which means ‘moral philosophy’ and deals with values relating to human conduct. All RINGANA products are completely in balance with the ethics and every step in the process is 100% ethical:

  • Purchasing of raw materials
  • Vegan
  • No animal testing
  • Eco-conscious packaging
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fair working conditions, fair pay, fair trade

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