RINGANA CAPS immu – strengthen the immune system and the body’s defences, which are often under attack in modern daily life. Professional and private pressures, an unbalanced diet, a stressful lifestyle and environmental toxins, can all weaken the immune system that protects our health. Selected vitamins and secondary plant substances promote the formation of new immune cells and help to boost your body’s defence mechanism.
The caps rely on a special combination of Asian medicinal mushrooms which contain important vitamins and mineral substances which are said to have a positive impact on the immune system.

The caps are not a drug and should not replace doctor visits and they are not intended for the treating or curing of diseases.
Suitable for diabetics. Not intended for children. Vegan.

Main active ingredients:
Agaricus Blazei Powder (almond mushroom) | Caterpillar Fungus Powder (a medicinal mushroom from Nepal and Tibet) | Reishi powder (mushroom) | Black Elderberry Extract

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