RINGANA CAPS protect – are antioxidants especially developed for smokers and sun-worshippers. UV rays and cigarette smoke increases the body’s exposure to the harmful and cell-damaging free radicals which can lead to premature cell and skin ageing. Skin slackens prematurely, wrinkles form faster and the complexion loses its elasticity. The extract from the leaves of Polypodium leucotomos contains substances that can protect the skin from sun damage from within. The Polypodium l. is a fern from Central and South America that grows on the surface of another plant for physical support only, unlike a parasite.

The caps are not a drug and should not replace doctor visits and they are not intended for the treating or curing of diseases. Suitable for diabetics. Not intended for children. Vegan.

Main active ingredients:
L-Phenylalaline | Bamboo Shoot Extract | Polypodium Leucotomos Leaf Extract | African Marigold Extract

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