RINGANA FRESH ADDS glow – is the smart Beauty Booster for protection and radiance. A natural anti-pollution complex protects against skin damaged caused by the environment. The highly active vitamin B3 provides an even skin tone and lightens age and pigmentation spots and the valuable active ingredients deliver a perfect complexion that is visibly more beautiful, even for a smokers’ gaunt skin, you’ll be surprised! More and more men are using the ‘glow – anti wrinkle mix’ after their daily shave for pore-enhancing, calming and anti-inflammatory effect.
The bright yellow colour is mainly produced by the natural substance Glucosyl Hesperidin, which occurs in different citrus fruits. The substance is UV absorbing and has radical scavenging benefits.

How to use:
All the ADDS are ‘Mix & Match’ high-tech hydro gel: mix 1 pump of Hydroserum or Anti-wrinkle serum with 2 drops of the ADDS glow. To protect your skin the rest of the day, apply the mix in the morning, not only on your face and neck but even on your hands.

The results:
– Protects against harmful environmental influences
– Delivers fresh radiance
– Brightens the complexion and re-energises

RINGANA is the first cosmetic brand to disclose what proportions of the active substances are contained in each ADDS product. This transparency is unique and is an entirely new chapter in the history of cosmetics.

Main active ingredients:
Niaciamide | Marrubium Vulgare | Glucosyl Hesperidin | Ascorbyl Glucoside

You can order the RINGANA FRESH ADDS glow via our RINGANA Shop or have a look at the complete fresh & vegan product range. If you have any questions or if you want to know more about the company, please feel free to contact us.