RINGANA FRESH eye serum is a refreshing eye care which counteracts bags and dark circles*. Aescin from the Horse chestnut strengthens the blood vessels and ectoine boost cells with radiant, clear eyes as a result. The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and sensitive. Every time we smile, and each of the around 10,000 times a day we blink, it puts pressure on the extremely delicate eye zone. Swelling and dark circles ofter appear as signs of stress and tiredness. The serum instantly drains, refreshes and decongests. Coenzyme Q10 and ectoine are cell-boosters, providing new and youthful freshness. For immediate visible results, the serum includes titanium oxide, a naturally occurring mineral which acts as a white pigment, an opacifier and a sunscreen.

*Despite what most people think, the dark circles under the eyes are by definition not caused by being tired or stressed. Instead, dermatologists and plastic surgeons agree that persistent dark circles are caused by capillaries that leak blood close to the skin’s surface. The Aescin strengthens and repairs the capillary network and can help reducing local water retention which can cause puffy eyelids.

Main active ingredients:
Ectoine | Olive Leaf Extract | Aescin | Seaweed Extracts | Hyaluronic Acid

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