RINGANA FRESH sunscreen relies exclusively on nano-free, mineral sun protection filters. Coenzyme Q10 works in symbiosis with turmeric extract and natural polyphenol to support the antioxidant effect and helps skin cell regeneration. The richly nourishing and waterproof balm delivers an even healthy tan. At the same time, the product intensively combats the signs of sun-related skin ageing. But, apply the balm before you leave the house or hotel room, if you’re not properly protected, you may get burnt even before you start sunbathing. A polymer made of rapeseed and tung tree oil fixes the active ingredients to the skin so that the balm can’t just rub off easily. SPF 20 provides 95% protection against UV radiation. A higher protection can only be obtained with non-organic ingredients.

Main active ingredients:
Karanja Oil | Crambe Abyssinica | Rapeseed Oil | Tung Tree Oil | Bisabolol

You can order the nano-free RINGANA FRESH sunscreen via our RINGANA Shop or have a look at the complete fresh & vegan product range. If you have any questions or if you want to know more about the company, please feel free to contact us.