RINGANA SPORT push – protects the body against cell damaging free radicals during exercising, and activates energy reserves. Each batch is tested for doping substances, anabolic steroids and stimulants and are tested by the Cologne List®, a databank which offers top athletes a list of 446 (in 2017) nutritional food supplements with a minimised doping risk.

‘SPORT push’ is not a drug and should not replace doctor visits and they are not intended for the treating or curing of diseases. Not suitable for pregnant women and children. Vegan.

Main active ingredients:
Pycnogenol® | L-Carnitine Tartrate | Caffeine | NHDA | Peak ATP | Olive Polyphenols | Melon Extract with SOD

You can order the RINGANA SPORT push via the RINGANA Shop or have a look at the complete fresh & vegan product range. If you have any questions or if you want to know more about the company, please feel free to contact us.