It took SPAR Austria a year to develop, but now the bio-plastic toothbrush ‘Beauty Kiss’ is on the market, unfortunately in Austria only.

Due to the growing awareness about sustainability, more and more consumers want to avoid plastic products, made from by-products of the petroleum industry. The handle of the toothbrush consists of 97% bio-polyamide (PA) and the bristles for 60% PA, made from renewable castor oil.

To brush your teeth, you need toothpaste or tooth oil. So if you want to abandon petroleum-based plastic toothpaste tubes, have a look at our RINGANA FRESH tooth oil, 100% natural tooth oil, packaged in a 100% sugar cane-based bio-polyethylene (PE) bottle.

Two small steps in everyday life, without sacrificing the usual comfort, and in the meantime we conserve resources and we give our climate a bit of a relief.

Great tip Uwe Brandweiner, Research & Development Manager at RINGANA.

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