There is an important issue at the heart of global problems like hunger, heart disease, climate change, deforestation and diabetes, which is too often overlooked by both politicians and the general public and that is our demand for animal products. Animal agriculture is a leading cause of many global environmental problems and we should take a substantial step towards addressing all these problems through reducing or eliminating our reliance on meat and dairy products.

An important step can be made by using vegan cosmetic products. Vegan products may not contain any animal ingredients at all, be it a part of an animal (like gelatine or animal fats) or derived from an animal (like honey or beeswax). For a cosmetic product to be vegetarian, it may not contain any animal part, but it can contain ingredients that are animal by-products, or produced by an animal, like beeswax. Needless to say that RINGANA is a cruelty free brand.

Buying vegan products is good for the animals but is it good for your skin? The answer is ‘yes’ and it’s even better than non-vegan products and it helps improving your skin and keeping it healthy. Animal products, like lanolin used in moisturisers, is actually quite dangerous for your skin. It’s a fact that whatever the animal has been exposed to, such as pesticides, will now be in that leading brand lotion you bought and goes straight onto your skin as it absorbs whatever you put on it. Using plant-based ingredients is perfect for your skin because natural ingredients nourish it with their botanical and antioxidant substances and are much better for your health.

However, always check that the products you choose are also organic and cruelty free and not only vegan. All RINGANA Fresh Cosmetics and Supplements are, apart from being organic, freshly made, eco-minded, GM free, vegan(1) and vegetarian.

You can order all Fresh Cosmetics and Supplements via our RINGANA Shop or have a look at the complete product range. If you have any questions or if you want to know more about the company, please feel free to contact us.

(1) except for only one product which is PACK d-etary and contains dairy. It is a dietary aid for the figure conscious.