Business opportunity to create a green income

RINGANA Fresh and Certified Natural Body Care & Supplements

Sustainability, transparency, ethics and eco-awareness are very important to us.
RINGANA is a family-owned company from Austria. They develop and manufacture fresh and effective, plant-based body care and supplements, which contain no artificial preservatives and are sustainably packaged. All Certified Natural.
RINGANA products have an expiry date that we’re proud of – because it’s the proof of absolute freshness.
An idea we love, and one which we would like to share with you.
If you would like to know more about us and the RINGANA product range, we invite you to our next online info event, a FRESH date.
If you’re interested or would like more details, simply send us a message.



Face Care

  • FRESH cleanser (Removes dirt and make-up gently and thoroughly)
  • FRESH tonic calm (Mild plant based tonic with a harmonising effect. Particularly suitable for sensitive skin that tends to redness and irritation. It promotes a natural pH value and ensures adequate hydration.)
  • FRESH tonic pure (Clarifies oily skin that tends to impurities, and provides hydration. It regulates sebum production, thus preventing undesirable shine. Valuable plant extracts have an antioxidant, toning effect.)
  • FRESH hydro serum (Moisturising serum for dry skin provides maximum hydration)
  • FRESH anti wrinkle serum (Highly concentrated serum gives the skin a boost, correcting and smoothing wrinkles. Visibly younger skin day by day)
  • FRESH cream light (Basis facial cream for oily skin. A light moisturiser specially created for skin that tends to shine and to impurities. Clarifies, refreshes and purifies the skin.)
  • FRESH cream medium (Basis facial cream for normal and mixed skin. Smart formulation strengthens the skin’s natural functions. It has a balancing effect and preserves the skin’s natural equilibrium)
  • FRESH cream rich (Basis facial cream for dry skin. Rich and skin-soothing. Nurturing substances make your skin feel pleasantly moist.)
  • FRESH tinted moisturiser (Tints and nourishes the skin; suits every skin tone)
  • FRESH moisturiser for men (Moisturising care for men. Energising skin care for men; revitalises tired skin and restores its freshness and elasticity.)

Skin Type Test

  • Skin Type Test  (Define your personal Skin Type to select the perfect RINGANA Face Care product)

Special Care

  • FRESH lip balm (Nourishes delicate lips and leaves them feeling pleasantly soft and silky, but not greasy.)
  • FRESH eye serum (Instant refreshing eye care with a firming effect; reduces swelling and dark circles.)
  • FRESH scrub (Refines the complexion and frees the skin of dead cells, thus accelerating cell renewal. 100 % microplastic free.)
  • FRESH lipids (Rich intensive skin care. Soothe extremely dry skin with high quality plant lipids.)

Body Care

  • FRESH body milk (Rich skin care product for dry skin. Nourishes and soothes dry skin with high-quality plant oils.)
  • FRESH deodorant (Natural protection against body odour and promotes the skin’s natural sweat-regulating function, without aluminium salts.)
  • FRESH foot balm (Intensive care and lots of hydration for stressed, dry feet and cracked heels. Quickly absorbed.)
  • FRESH hand balm (Intensively nurturing hand balm, protects hands & nails.)
  • FRESH cooling spray (Stimulating cooling spray instantly relieves tired legs and feet. Cools and refreshes on hot days when applied to the back of the neck, wrists and the backs of the knees.)

Washing Care

  • FRESH body wash (Creamy foam cleanses the body thoroughly, moistures and refreshes. Without propellants.)
  • FRESH shampoo (Creamy foam cleans, nourishes and strengthens scalp and hair and gives it a beautiful natural sheen. Without propellants.)
  • FRESH conditioner (Provides additional care after shampooing. Grooms the hair and removes tangles from hair lengths and tips.)
  • FRESH soap (Hand-scooped, hand-cut, hand-stamped – gentle cleansing from top to toe, for a sensitive skin. Ideal for frequent use.)
  • FRESH tooth oil (Effective oil-based tooth & mouth care, derives from the tradition of oil pulling. The tooth oil binds bacteria in the oral cavity and replaces toothpaste.)

Sun Care

  • FRESH sunscreen (Protects and nurtures the skin in the sun. Waterproof, nano-free formulation, based on natural mineral sunlight filters. Perfect for anybody who wants to avoid synthetic UV filters.)
  • FRESH after sun (After sun, for a deeper tan. Quickly absorbed, giving the skin a pleasant feel. Can also be used all year round as a light body milk that gives you a touch of colour.)


  • FRESH ADDS effect (Instant firms damaged skin. Penetrate into deeper layers of the skin for a unique anti-wrinkle effect.)
  • FRESH ADDS glow (A beauty booster with anti-pollution effect. Makes your skin glow.)
  • FRESH ADDS repair (Skin care booster for pure skin. Soothes irritated skin, impurities and redness. Contains anti-inflammatory, clarifying substances with a balancing effect.)



  • CAPS beauty & hair (Strengthens skin, hair & nails)
  • CAPS cerebro (Boosts memory and concentration)
  • CAPS d-gest (For improved digestion; support for liver, stomach and gall bladder)
  • CAPS fem (Benefit from the gentle power of plants during the menopause)
  • CAPS hydro (Soothing effect on bladder and kidneys)
  • CAPS immu (Strengthen the immune system and the body’s defences)
  • CAPS mascu (Specially formulated for men to reduce chronic stress, to stimulate hair growth and to promote prostate health)
  • CAPS moodoo (Mood-enhancing, nerve strengthening)
  • CAPS move (For more mobility: joints, cartilage, musculoskeletal system)
  • CAPS beyond omega (All-round antioxidant for eyes, bones and anti-aging, with vegan Omega-3 from algae)
  • CAPS beyond spermidine (Gives the body’s self-cleansing process a helping hand, combatting the signs of ageing with an exceptionally smart strategy from nature)
  • CAPS pump (For heart and arteries)
  • CAPS protect (Internal shield, protecting against external environmental influences such as air pollution, solar radiation, cigarette smoke and the blue light of computer or smartphone screens.)